Creative Director & Designer Mark Di Vita created SinceEighty6 with the intent to make your fresh idea or thing fresher. Inspired by the creativity and do-it-yourself ethos of Hip-Hop’s Golden Era, Mark has developed his talents and passion for Art, Music and Design into a one stop shop for all things “fresh” with the understanding that each client and project needs to be a customized and experience to match the uniqueness of the soul behind each project. As a Designer, DJ, Emcee, and Painter Marks work is unified by the soulful vibrations and attention to detail and quality. Mark has performed around the world as a DJ and MC most notably in the late 90’s as Spaztik Emcee and again since the  2004 with Bronx Hip-Hop duo Camp Lo who’s 1997 hit “Luchini” and full length Uptown Saturday Night Lp are considered classics of the genre. Since 2005….. Mark admits that his newest art projects are his sons which he considers his legacy work.

Web Design Rockstars

Development 90%
Design 80%
iOS & App 70%