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Flier Design & Print

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When It’s Time To Print
When the design is complete and it’s time to distribute your message how do you do it. Of course social networking is vital to all business and to get your message out but now that everyone and their mother is spreading messages how can you stand out? Well if you are an event promoter, promoting a new product or business, physical fliers is a gain a unique way to promote your brand, item or fresh idea. Regardless of  your budge SinceEighty6 always designs with the final out put in mind. From paper to ink to cuts, folds and finishes we specialize in helping you reach your target audience in a way that shares your brands opinion of quality.
More often than not Club Promoters, for example, will opt for the cheapest flier avaiable to get their message out? But what is your message exactly? What makes your events different? Let us help you find formulate that message through your fliers with high quality papers and finishes at a price comparable to the average glossy club flier. Just make sure to plan ahead so we have 5-7 days to print your product and we can have your fliers stand out in a pile.
In a rush? We can accommodate most requests but rushing jobs moves you ahead of clients who have already paid and are waiting for their jobs so a rush comes with a certain price and risk. If providing your own artwork please make sure orders are in before 3PM PST so we can keep you on track and trouble shoot and unforseen issues with bleeds, color, etc… Make that move and give us a call today to help you get the most out of your marketing efforts with quality printed fliers.





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