Album/CD Design

Album/CD Design


At SinceEighty6 we believe that designing any piece of art starts with defining what the piece of art or product is, what is it about who is it meant to touch and inspire. Is it meant to be controversial? With Album artwork is should be no different. Sure you have to consider marketing and branding but that’s the easy part for us. The hard part is getting the client to define their own product so that we can put a visual to their purpose to make the album artwork an experience that lends itself to the music.

With over a hundred releases under our belts and a record collection to insire us that fills 2 offices we are confident that we can and will create artwork that reflects your music. Below are some things to consider.


  • AlbumsInformation Coming Soon.
  • CDs Information Coming Soon.
  • Web Only ReleasesInformation Coming Soon.
  • Multipurpose cards. A card can do more than promote your name and business-it can also serve as a discount coupon, an appointment reminder or some other function. It may also provide valuable information that the average person may need. For example, a hotel may include a map on the back of its card for any guests who are walking around the local area. A card of any type can be made multipurpose by adding any of these types of features.
  • Non Traditional Packaging. Information Coming Soon.

Ask us about printing your CD or Album. We have connects plus we’d like to make sure our designs are printed correctly. Need distribution? We can talk about that too. We’re SinceEighty6. Music and Sports related marketing is our specialty.

Featured Design


Tharius Moore’s First Single “The Chase” will be available on itunes, spotify and everywhere digital and streaming music is avaialble November 2nd, 2016. His Full Length debut “Koi” will be available in January


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October 2016

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